ECM has been operating since 2000 as a highly successful production company.


The following services have been undertaken:

  • Media Production & Marketing
  • Television Production
  • Digital Film Production
  • Internet Broadcast Channels
  • OpenAirTV Channel

Our Channels

Since completing documentaries on the Disability for the Presidency of the Republic of South Africa, East Coast Media became sensitized to the plight of the Sector. The organisation has since launched the first African Channel on the continent of Africa that provides a voice and a platform to the Disability Sector, NPOs, Unions, Issues of Human Rights, Gender Equity and Clean Green Technology. OpenAirTV is based at the Head Office and provides employment for media and film graduates with living with Disabilities.

The Channel commissions local and regional content for broadcast. The channel boasts diverse indigenous content from all corners of South Africa, providing a platform for local filmmakers and content producers to showcase their talent.

Our Productions

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