With every advance in technology brands are provided with a range of media platforms.

Currently lines between traditional and non-traditional media are blurred.


It now becomes imperative for brands to integrate their traditional media and their social media communication. East Coast Media have designed successful and innovative campaigns to achieve success across all mediums. From mainstream journalists to online influencers committed to our campaigns we ensure successful integration.

East Coast Media has a national footprint and has been providing media solutions for key brands since its inception in the year 2000. Its Employees and Directors share over 19 years of experience in the media and are all subject matter experts. It’s links to broadcast media and internet broadcast channels keep East Coast Media at the cutting edge of technology and strategically devised campaigns.


Digital Film Production, Television Production, Corporate, Government and Private Sector Video Production, Internet Broadcast Channels.

Accredited Film, Television and Media Training

Movietech Film and Television College for all learners interested in the film sector who are carefully selected to join us, Corporate Digital Media Training, Learnerships and Skills Programmes.

Communication Services

Media Profiling, Social Media, Campaigns and Strategies, Press Releases, Project Management, Event Management.

Education and Training Quality Assurance Services

Accreditation Services for those organisations interested in entering the training space, Skills Development Facilitation Services, Moderation Services, Assessment Services.

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